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Brute Force Attack

Brute force is an attack method that involves using an automated system to guess the password to your web server or services. In a general case, each login-password combination comes from a predefined dictionary that contains frequently used user names and passwords. The combinations can also be generated on the fly by consequently changing one letter at a time.
Nowadays, intruders use advanced tools that can automatically perform brute force attacks. With the help of OCR software and graphic libraries intruders have been able to defeat many popular CAPTCHA systems which were supposed to prevent brute force attacks.
A common way to protect a website from brute force attacks is to use strong password policy. However, people can no longer remember passwords good enough to reliably defend against dictionary attacks. People also tend to use the same password across multiple sites and once intruders get access to password database on one of those websites, they can use the stolen credentials to break in to other websites.
On this note, it is crucial to implement a protection that will successfully prevent brute force attacks. Our software has been designed by security experts and successfully tested by different security tools. The CAPTCHA challenges generated by SiteDefensor are immensely difficult to automatically solve by computer software. We guarantee that brute force attacks are ineffective and virtually pointless when the website is protected by the SiteDefensor security system.
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